Monday, July 6, 2020

News Alert on DACA and LGBTQ Supreme Court Decisions!

In this news alert...
  • Reflection on Supreme Court DACA decision
  • Reflection on Supreme Court LGBTQ+ decision
  • DeLand protests against the treatment of detained children
  • Emannuel College's thank you to farmworkers!
We Celebrate Good News for Dreamers and the LGBTQ Community!
Congratulations, Dreamers and DACA Recipients! We celebrate you as we celebrate the recent Supreme Court decision that protects the DACA program from the Trump Administration’s attempts to dismantle the Obama-era effort to protect young, undocumented immigrants in this country from possible deportation. 

In the same week, the Supreme Court also ruled against discrimination in the workplace of LGBTQ+ identifying people. This is a huge victory and one that came as a very welcome surprise! And, relief to so many who awaited with apprehension to hear this decision. In these unsettling times, we take a few moments to celebrate and lift up these two recent decisions.   

We also lift up our FWAF youth. A huge Thank You to FWAF’s Danny Ramos for his statements below on the recent Supreme Court decisions.

Reflection on the Supreme Court Decision by a DACA Recipient
WE HAVE WON! For now... The battle remains, but I am very happy to claim this victory for our Im/migrant community and my fellow DACA recipients. During these troubling times, some good news was very much needed. Although, there is still a lot of uncertainty as to what the Supreme Court’s decision on behalf of DACA really means. My honest wish is for DACA to retain its original agreement and begin to take in new applicants. We are all aware that so many folk NEED this opportunity to provide for their families, create their careers, and continue their studies.

For some recipients and their families- this is their shot at the American Dream. For the parents, this is their child’s opportunity to a path of potential citizenship. Reminding them that THIS is why they were posed with the tough decision to leave their homeland, to leave their families, leave their friends and start a life in a completely new country. For the child, This is their opportunity to help their family move forward, to partake in far more opportunities they never had before, and not only to honor their parent’s sacrifices, but also to honor their own.

I am sure many of you who read this already know this: you are living through this. If you did not have the opportunity to be a recipient, keep your head up, your time will come! To those who were fortunate, PLEASE spread the word of the court’s decision and any updates given to you by trusted sources. Help those still in need and support someone. And to those individuals that don't have this struggle, those that are citizens and have the right…. Help us, VOTE for those that will help our community thrive. VOTE for basic human rights to all!
Response to the LGBTQ+ Decision by an LGBTQ+ Community Member
Progress! The Supreme Court has taken a step in the right direction for the LGBTQ+ community and it is about time. For YEARS it was legal for more than half of our country’s states to fire a worker for their gender identity or sexual orientation.

Regardless of your sexual orientation, consider this… You finally get married to the person you love. You are beyond excited, as you should be, but your next day back at work your boss bluntly says, “You’re Fired.” The only explanation you receive is essentially I DON'T APPROVE OF WHO YOU MARRIED. This was an unfair treatment in the life for many LGBTQ+ identifying folk.

Here’s another example: you’re starting new... New name, life, and maybe you changed the way you dressed. You're looking for a new job, all goes well in the interview until a question comes up about your name, you give a quick explanation, they take it. Let’s say you got hired, whoo. Fast forward a few days, months, maybe even a year. You get called in and once again you get fired. Your explanation this time being “I know who you really are, I don't approve.” This was the life of many transgender folk. Some never even making it past the job interview, let alone getting considered due to issues regarding birth names or bias over looks.

These are theoretical scenarios but this was real life for too many folk before this court decision. No more. I would like to end by saying thank you for taking the time to read this. I am proud to be Trans and respected in my workplace… Be proud to be you.

Love is Love
DeLand Protest Against ICE and Inhumane Treatment of Families!
The Farmworker Association took part in a protest against the horrific conditions for children and families in US detention centers. This protest targeted ICE for its inhumane treatment of human-beings, and many second and third-generation Mexican-Americans got the chance to take part.

FWAF Thanks Emmanuel College for Their Project to Honor Farmworkers as Essential Workers!
FWAF wants to thank Emmanuel College for this great project they did to honor Farmworkers as Essential Workers!

Fun! Creative! Innovative! Heart-Warming! Meaningful! Moving! Check this out to smile and fill your heart! 

Emmanuel College’s Latinx multicultural club HUELLAS (Helping Unite Emmanuel Latinos Lead & Achieve Success) saw an opportunity in this unprecedented time of a pandemic to show appreciation and gratitude to Farmworkers in our Association. They did not want your work to go un-noticed for working during these crazy times, so here is a virtual card they have made for you all that you can view by following this link: Farmworkers's Kudoboard | Kudoboard

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